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Sunday | 23 June 2002
..., Finally I can feel


Finally I can feel the freedom of waking up late this Saturday and Sunday morning. In the last weeks, every Saturday I must get my ass up early in the morning for doing assignments with my friends.

Last Friday was my last presentation exam for this semester. Thanks to aip, Daniel, Keraf and Reed for the team work. I didn't know the result yet, but at least we have through it. Special1id also came, I tought she was only joking when she told that she wanna come to my presentation. In fact she really appeared to return my cd and met her friends at campus. Glad to see her smiling and laughing again...

But I couldn't make for the gath at Berto's with my FC friends that Friday night. I sent an sms to him for apologize and also congratulate him for the wedding. I also called Ando but no answer. Later when Ando called back, I was at Blok-S with Nique. I kidnapped her again from her office that night, and we went for some satay and a little chat...

June 23, 2002 4:27 PM