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Monday | 17 June 2002
Coincidences I met Paty and


I met Paty and Deny Sunday afternoon at Ambassador casablanca. It was a coincidence, I entered a computer store to buy some blank cds. I was in hurry that I didn't realize there's a young couple in that store, until Paty called me. Long time no see... And she told that they got married about 3 months ago.

I missed their wedding. She said that she sent an invitation, but she didn't know my number. Yea, i forgot that I changed my cell number after the last time we met...
Well congratulation then! May God bless you always...


Last Saturday I was at Siemens office in pancoran when Nique sent a message. What's the plan? I didn't got a plan for that day except doing this assignment, cause the plan for watching soccer match with my FC friends was canceled.

I asked her to go to PI Mall, cause I wanted to buy some birthday present for my friend. Then we went to PI, she helped me to pick up a scarf for my friend. We also went to Gramedia cause I wanted to buy strings for my guitar.

After a few window shopping, we went to 21 cine, but there wasn't a good film to watch. Then we went to Aquarius store. Get bored and didn't know what to do, we left Aquarius to find another place to kill the time. I don't know why this hh8 guy came up in our conversation, and Nique called him. What a surprise, he said that he just arrived at Aquarius too. Huh? What a coincidence here... I turn the car back to PI and we met him at QB...

I think that night I was being so kind to Iqbal cause I give'em a ride, hehe... But it was nice talk to him, specially about the musical project he works on.

Then after that long unplan trip, I drove Nique home... Actually, not really at home ya? ;p

June 17, 2002 9:14 AM