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Sunday | 26 May 2002
Actually my favorite color is

Actually my favorite color is blue. Not gray. I just love being 'gray', but not for wearing such an gray outfit in the whole day :) I think gray as a color is so not eye catching. That's why I use black in this site background rather than gray. I used to paint gray in the ver 1.0 of this blogsite, an honestly, it's so awful.

But blue as a color feel so cool and calm. Biru gak pernah norak, biru gak pernah 'shocking'. Not like red or yellow. If green associated with child, then red and yellow are the teenagers, then blue must be the maturity... (that's only my opinion about the colors...)

Oh iya, satu lagi. Je prefere les bleues pour la coupe du monde cette annee. Gue pegang Prancis di Piala Dunia!

May 26, 2002 1:08 PM