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Thursday | 4 July 2002
Architect I've just had a


I've just had a discussion with Himawan, a young architect works for Lemtek. It was really nice talk to him. He gave his opinion on my design problem as he drawing the lines and sketches. I heard some Beethoven played from his computer. That's what I like from architects, they mix the arts and engineering in their jobs...

Arts and engineering are two different things. The great arts came from the wildest idea, while engineering needs the most accurate calculation. In performing arts, improvisation sometimes could make it better. But in calculation for engineering projects, if you miss a single tiny little bolt the result could be catastrophe. Architects make arts more scientifics, arts not only for seen, but also in form of useful things.

I've met Jay Subiyakto once when I was still a student at FT. He was also graduated from arch department of my campus. Even now he works for tv, he always use the philosophy as an architect. He shared his experience on how he apply the calculation for proportional design on the stage show, how to put the lightnings, or to set the cameres angle. That's why he always made a 'different' touch in his works, such as clips, or programmes on tv. He applies his arch-knowledge in this new media...

Arts can fill our soul, and engineering can make our life easier. The mixed of the two things is a bless for human being... :)

July 4, 2002 9:57 PM