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Wednesday | 29 May 2002
Arrive this morning at Depok

Arrive this morning at Depok very early. I have to attend for such a ceremonial event, acara promosi doktor teknik. Suatu acara yang penuh dengan protokoler ribet dan formalitas :) But anyway, congratulation to Mr. T as a new Doctor in geotechnical.

Last night I met Nique to find tickets for La Fete du Cinema at TIM. After that we have a little chat (yang lagi-lagi) tentang perbedaan men and women. Ini topik gak pernah ada habis-habisnya dibahas antara temen-temen cowok, apalagi kalau adu argumen dengan cewek-cewek. Hahaha... it was fun, no hurt feeling.... Men are from mars and women from venus, so who are from earth? ;P

May 29, 2002 8:18 AM
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1. | 15:25 on 6 April 2004 | by ali

i'm writing pre-election report right now with two of my brightest friends, are we alone?