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Wednesday | 26 June 2002
Moonlight = Claire de Lune

Moonlight = Claire de Lune

Moonlight and Claire de Lune, are two musical composition written inspired by the full moon. Beethoven wrote his Moonlight in 1801, the period when his deaf problem getting worse. He begun to feel hopeless, and suspecting at everyone near him, cause he couldn't hear what they're talking.

At that time he was deeply in love with the 17-year-old Countess Giulietta Guicciardi. A nice and sweet girl. But poor, she married someone else. Beethoven dedicated this song to her. We can feel the melancholy and depressed feeling by the sound of this composition.

Instead of sorrow, Claire de Lune brings the untold feeling of falling in love. Just like a young couple dance under the moonlight. It was written in 1905 by Claude Debussy, who bring impressionist to his music. This music is used as a theme in a film "Franky and Johny" starred by Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeifer. At the film, Pacino told Pfeifer that this song was the most romantic love song ever, they listen to it before they made love...

It was a full moon above Jakarta last night, covered by clouds...

June 26, 2002 3:47 PM