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Friday | 14 June 2002
Days Full of Soccer Match

Days Full of Soccer Match

The whole world contaminated by the World Cup fever. The everyday talks from a place like warteg to 5 stars hotel full of the mathces reviews. Not to forget the cyber world, every news portal must posts the most recent story about it. Even anak singkongs which I met this afternoon when doing Jumatan, they all wearing the soccer clothes, with their names in the back, and black skin by the sunburn. (To much soccer in the afternoon)

Working hour in the offices also get the effects. I changed my lunch time to 1.30 pm just for watching the afternoon match on RCTI at cafetaria :-) Poor France, they gonna meet Argentina, at the airport! (garink joke from my colleagues, Boy ;p).

I miss my FC friends. The bunch of crazy guys who addicted to soccer and xxx. From whom I usually hear sarcastics, silly and dirty jokes. Ando make a plan of gathering in Hotel Cempaka for watch some World Cup matches this weekend. But it's not well confirmed yet. I wish I could attend to, hang-out for couple of hours, just to refresh my head...

June 14, 2002 6:05 PM