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Friday | 14 June 2002
I heard the song 'Pupus'

I heard the song 'Pupus' form Dewa this morning.
I think this song is inspired by the Procol Harum's 'Whiter Shade of Pale' or 'Air' from Bach. Listen to the melodies of the three songs. They're a litle bit similar. Is Dani a plagiator? Actually I hate this guy, but admit it, he made great songs. He and his band also got a problem with the title of one of they song 'Arjuna'.

Sometime so difficult to make a border line, which one is plagiator, which one just get inspired. In doing works, inspiration is the most important thing. Inspiration should makes us do more creative, to perform the better result. In this side, being inspired by something is a positive thing. In designing we get inspired by looking the others designs, until we hear a voice in our head saying: "Hey, you must do more than this one, you could do better!"...

But sometime inspiration or influence can be negative, if we can not escape from the shadow of influence. So we can not make the different things, or just do what the influence does, and the worst thing is just copy it.

Back to Dewa, the controversy about this plagiator thing even make them more famous. Another influence for the song lyrics came from the famous people like Gibran, Rumi, Lennon, or even Einstein. The last album sounds very 'Rumi' to me, while the previous 5th album sounds very 'Gibran'. Good thing that Dewa stated them in the album credits...

June 14, 2002 6:11 PM