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Monday | 26 August 2002
Friendship I took this picture


I took this picture from one of the Asterix comics, "Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield". This is quite funny. It shows that no matter how often Asterix and Obelix arguing each other about lots of things, they finally make up and hugging up. They always together in the happy or sad times. Eventough they never get lucky with girls, they still have each other.

That was friendship in comics. A lot of old comics have stories about friendship. Tintin with Captain Haddock, Batman & Robin, Johan & Pirlouit, even Lucky Luke the lonesome cowboy has Jolly Jumper as a friend. But not only in the comics, in reality we do need friends. Friends are more important then anything. Not even money. Money can't cheer you up, money can't company you when you're down. Sometimes maybe we've had enough with our friends, bored. We look up for new things, new peoples, new nevironment. But in the end we'll always want their back, doing the old silly stuff, silly jokes, arguing, etc. And loosing 1 bestfriend is worse then having 1000 enemies...


Last weekend Ana made a gathering in her home. She invited some relatives and her closest friends, for a little "Selametan" cause she's gonna leave to England this week. She was so happy that day surounded by those peoples, and thankful for all we've been together. Well then she's gonna meet new people there, new friends. So long, good luck...

August 26, 2002 10:52 AM