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Wednesday | 28 August 2002
Victim of Capitalism

I remember several weeks ago when I was queieing at one of fast food restaurant near my home. It was about 8.45pm, hungry, and I didn't have anything to eat at home. So I decided to stop by here to buy some junk foods.

In front of me at the queue line there's a woman with her children. They're busy for chosing which packet of food they wanna take. Lama sekali mereka ribut milih-milih mau makan apa, the waiter offer her all the menus, but still they don't pick anything. At first I was complaining to myself, "Duh, si ibu milih makanan ginian aja lama banget sih, liat antrian udah panjang nih di belakang..."

But the next second, I saw her open her wallet. Dia kelihatan menghitung beberapa lembar uang seribuan dan lima ribuan, sambil melihat-lihat daftar harga di menu. After that she decided to pick one of the menu. Anak-anaknya loncat-loncat kegirangan sambil bawa pulang pesanan mereka itu.


I was thinking once again, that the mother tried to make her children happy by buying some popular junk-food. While it means she had to empty her wallet...

Children now has been victims of the capitalist system. Where people forced to be consumptive. We're forced to buy the famous product by the advertisment, that we couldn't make a different between needs and wants.

Kadang-kadang kita cuma "pingin" punya suatu benda yang sebenarnya gak perlu, tapi kita beli demi gengsi. Sama dengan kejadian ibu tadi, dengan uang yang dia punya dan makanan fast food, anak-anaknya senang. Tapi tetap saja mereka nanti akan minta makan nasi dengan lauk ibunya karena yang mereka makan itu gak bikin mereka kenyang...

And sometimes I also a victim...

August 28, 2002 10:40 AM
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1. | 03:54 on 5 December 2004 | by Tmobile

Ok, it is true

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Ok, it is true