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Sunday | 23 June 2002
Governor I saw a Talk


I saw a Talk Show in tv about the Jakarta's Governor Election. One of the candidate is a Tukang Becak. He's promoted by the Urban Poor Consortium. Is it a joke? No, I don't under-estimate a job like Tukang Becak or else, but man... This is Jakarta. the City with 14 million people in a day, and 8 million in the night (if I'm not mistaken).

That Tukang Becak, Pak Rasdullah, said that what Jakarta need now is the leader with honesty and has a clean track record in the past. That's it. So that's why he decided to go as a candidate for this election.

That's so naif. Even if we could find the most honest and clean man in the city, but Jakarta need more than that. Jakarta need a strong and smart man, with the experience of management, beside the honesty. Even an ex-soldier like Sutiyoso can't do that.

The big mistake that Sutiyoso did is that he only doing the cosmetic thing for Jakarta. A lot of physical development such as buildings, malls, statues, etc. But it didn't touch the public infrastructure. How about the drainage system? The traffic system and the public road quality? The bus terminals? Mass transportation? Not to mentioned yet the law enforcement and criminals on the street.
Okta said, even the morning sun in Jakarta now looks so pale...

Being a Governor in Jakarta no such a pleasant job. So why a lot of people want to be a candidate? It's about the money right?

Anyway it's just an intermezzo... Selamat Ulang Tahun ke 475 Jakarta...

June 23, 2002 4:33 PM
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1. | 06:15 on 23 June 2002 | by za


the city that i hate.. and i love..

2. | 06:25 on 23 June 2002 | by trippin daisy

u said that u dont underestimate his job as a "tukang becak", yet later on u said that "jakarta needs a strong and smart man, with the experience of management". to me that sounds like u doubt that a 'tukang becak' has the capability of being a strong, smart man with the experience of management. and i do believe that a success begins from 'honesty'. a title or a rank doesnt guaranteed anything. maybe what jkt really needs is a person who knows what to be fixed, a person who sees and experiences the sorrows. and what do a high-ranked general knows about traffic and flood?? when everytime he drives by a street, the whole street is blocked with police barricades?
correct me if im wrong.
btw, nice journal.=D

3. | 06:51 on 23 June 2002 | by erly

to za: Kayak lagu slank itu: "I miss you but I hate You..." :)

to trippin daisy: Well, that's only my opinion... It still be nice if you have a different opinion, cause differences make the world more fun... :)