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Monday | 29 July 2002
Happiness Last Friday night I


Last Friday night I had some gultik with Nunique at blok m. Met Bang Paul, Nique's old friend. Seniman jalanan yang orangnya asik diajak ngobrol. I listened to his story about his life from Surabaya to Jogja, ngamen dan nyemir di jalanan, sebelum akhirnya merantau ke Jakarta. Semua dijalani dengan santai.

"Saya ini belgia mas..." he said
"Apaan tuh belgia?"
"Gembel bahagia! hahaha..."

Ya, bahagia memang bisa dimiliki semua orang, everyone have the right for happiness. Gak perlu jadi orang terkaya di dunia untuk bisa bahagia. And who could guarantee that money can always make you happy? Kebahagiaan pun gak bisa diukur, it's intangible. Blame it on the system of capitalism that make us correlate happiness with wealth. Happiness doesn't need that. Cause it's in our hearts. So, be happy now if you wanna be happy, don't care what people say and think, just be happy...


Our conversation with Bang Paul stopped when a bunch of friends joined us, including Chipie and Rizqi the "entertainer" . Hehe, I didn't find the way yet to kick'em back (awas lo qi!)...

July 29, 2002 9:23 AM