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Friday | 16 August 2002
Kereta Rel Listrik I thought

Kereta Rel Listrik

I thought I must let my gray starlet take a little rest for a moment. Yesterday morning I took a train to Depok. Around 7.30 am arrived at Tebet Station. As long as I used the KRL Jabotabek since I was student until now, I never care about the train schedule. Using KRL not like an usual trip by train. Just come to the station, buy the ticket (sometimes the ticket not a big deal for some person) and then just wait for the train.

The KRL schedule for me is such a bigest joke made by the PTKA. Look, They always show the arrival time exactly like: "Bogor - 07.32, 07.44, 09.57", etc. Watch the minutes, they made it precisely to a minute. But what happen in real that the train scheduled for 07.32 might arrive at 07.45, or 07.44 would come at around 08.00, etc. Why don't they just make the arrival schedule like this: "Bogor - sekitar pukul 07.30, 07.45, 09.00", etc. That will be more tolerate... :)

And about the ticket, it's another funny thing. Commonly, we "must" buy a ticket before we use the train, but in KRL we "may" buy a ticket. Hahaha... so for some people it doesn't matter they buy a ticket or not, as long they don't get caught by Pak Kondektur. Sometimes there's an inspection by Polsuska, they check the passenger in the entrance door, usually they do that once in a month. But after that, free... And another unique thing about KRL in Jakarta, that they have the "second floor" :) We can see the morning train from Bogor, not only full inside, but also a lot of people "nangkring" on the roof.

Then we go inside the train. Usually in the morning, the train from Bogor always full. Amazed how that people can stay put along the trip to Jakarta. By seeing the KRL in the morning you can see the hard way of living and survive in Jakarta... :)

Enough talk about the KRL train. Everytime I watch the tv and see the mass rapid transportation in another metropolitan city, I'm just dreaming: "Kapan gue bisa ngerasain naik kereta gitu di Jakarta..." :)

August 16, 2002 8:43 PM