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Monday | 22 July 2002
Relativity of Time "Gak berasa

Relativity of Time

"Gak berasa sekarang udah bulan Juli lagi, satu tahun lewat cepat sekali..."

"Kalau waktu berjalan cepat, berarti kita senang melewatinya dan menikmati jalannya waktu itu tanpa terasa..."

We can always measure the time precisely to the minutes, seconds, and even mili-seconds. The tools for measuring it also had been discovered since a long time ago. The ancient cultures such as egyptian or greek used the sand-watch and the sun, and there are still also a lot of tool of time.

Anyway, how precise we count the time, it always be relative. All the things in this world cannot avoid relativity. Well, to minimize the relativity on measuring something, people use the standards. There are standards for all the measureble, length, weight, time. Einstein proved that the classic mechanical theory failed, caused it said that the speed of light cannot be relative. He proved that the speed of light also relative...

Back to relativity of time. As a human being, we measure the time by our brain, and our mind and heart. So for a very long conversation by 1.5 hour on the phone, sometimes we feel it only 5 minutes. And for a 10 minutes waiting for someone could be seems like 3 days long. the length of time precisely stated in our watch, but our mind told the other way.
And relativity will always disturbing our life, cause human are controlled by brain and heart...

July 22, 2002 10:10 AM