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Friday | 7 June 2002
Sur Mes Levres = On

Sur Mes Levres = On My Lips

It's the title of french film I watched last night with Nique. It's the story about a secretary in an office who fall in love to an office boy. At first she was a litle bit worry about this new man, cause he had been jailed before. But then they became closer to each other, and they make a plan for stealing money from the mafia who robbed the banks.

This girl has the ability of reading lips. And she also wearing some hearing-aid in her ears, so she can hear what other people talking, even in the distance. She use that for helping her boyfriend sneaking the mafia's plan. Interesting movie :)


As usual, Nique looks very happy that night. We talked a lot about things, the blog-pals, copycats, films, french, books, pondok bambu, etc ;p

I amazed by how she become a phenomenal in this cyber world. (I hate everytime I check her site, it only makes her hit counter higher and higher :). The site is simple, but it's interesting to read about her days.

I think the most important thing for a blog site to attract more hits is the content. Besides the lay-out surely. But lay-out didn't change every day. The content does...


me : So, you are the luckiest girl alive in the cyber world. Are you feel lucky too in the real world?

Nique : mmm... I hope so... :)


June 7, 2002 3:17 PM