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Friday | 7 June 2002
Bakal banyak kerjaan nih. Mr.

Bakal banyak kerjaan nih. Mr. T ask for a meeting next week for discussing the project grant with Ando. But next week also there's a 'Raker' in Puncak. Ikut Raker? 3 days in puncak with the bunch of those lecturers? Kayaknya enakan di Jakarta bisa online dan nonton bola :)

Then Mr. Bis told me about the proposed project in Riau. He said that the team from Riau came to FT last week but I wasn't in my place. Mr. Bud lagi pusing dengan urusannya sendiri, but I totally support him. Go ahead man! ;p

And last, still have the students' assignment to check... numpuk...

June 7, 2002 3:33 PM