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Wednesday | 16 October 2002
Revolution The last few days


The last few days I had discussions with my friends about the implementation of IT (Information Technology), its evolutions and revolution that had changed the world. The technologies of IT move very fast this recent days. Still there's a big lack between the technologies and the way people interract, the culture. Specially in our country, the benefits of implementing IT in many fields not reach the best results yet.

As an example, IT give a change of starting a new culture called "virtual". Where we can live and work by using the virtual object and tools. From pelasure things such as virtual games and simulations, to a functional level like "virtual workers". The idea of virtual workers is that all the employees in an organization could work desentralized everywhere-everytime, but still can give collaboration to each other and coordinated. Grace to the invention of internet and the network computing.

But not much workers can adopt this new way of work. There's a stereotype that a good organization or company must have an estabilsh office building, desks for the employees, and a bunch of paperworks. Also still a lot of people that didn't take advantage of using email in formal communications. Digital papers and data are least trusted than the conventional paper with a pen-signature. Nowadays emails are used much for informal things like correspondence with friends, relatives, forwarding daily jokes or news.


Yet the revolution of IT has impacts on our daylife. Remember the time about 15 years ago, where PC still a "rare" object. When I was in elementary school I used to utilize an XT PC of Acer, which didn't have a hard disk, DOS operated, no mouse, and a thin 5 1/4 inches disk for the data. At that time I really didn't know what to do with this "canggih" thing except typing with Wordstar, a little calculation with Lotus 123, and Pac-man or Digger game. But look now, You can control the world by sit in front of your PC, find a lover, rob the banks in another country, watch an underground band concert, or activate a bomb in some place peaceful hundred miles from you...

October 16, 2002 11:02 AM